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Nicole, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Kelly, Huntington Woods, MI
"All of us ran the last half mile looking for our oldest triplet. We crossed the finish line and he was not there. Panic set in. I had used a Label Daddy label on the bottom inside of all of our children’s shirt hems “just in case”. Within 15-20 minutes I was very happy to receive a phone call …Thank you Label Daddy."
Wendy, Ontario, Canada
"The kids are having fun with them and have already labelled everything they own whether they are taking it to camp or not! Thanks from a satisfied new customer in Canada."
Tammy, Santa Clarita, CA
"My 87 yr. old dad, and 91 year old uncle, live in a veterans home... The labels were placed on their clothing, TV, VCR/DVD Player and Photo Albums for safe keeping. .. Great Service, Fast Shipping, and your Customer Service was over and beyond the call of duty!"
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Traci, Houston, TX
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