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Clothing Labels
Large All Purpose Label
2 3/4� x 5/8� (45 in each pack) $20.00 (USD)
�Whose bag is this?� will be a question of the past when you use the Large All Purpose Label. The Large All Purpose Label offers clean and clear identification and is great for labeling large sports equipment, toys, backpacks and more. Easy to apply, just peel and stick. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Lots of colors, icons, and fonts to choose from allow you to create a super stylish label.
This label is MADE IN THE USA. Not recommended for use on clothing. See Shirt Tag or Small All Purpose clothing labels.
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garbage bin label
return address label
medium all purpose label
spice label
small all purpose label
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gift certificates
holiday sets
large all purpose label
sports sticker label
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Label Daddy, MLB, NBA, Disney,Marvel